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Re: Prioritize translation types by tags


Two features I miss a lot:

Reserve a package for translation: If i download a po-file to work on
the translation off-line, there should be an option to lock the package
for translation while i am doing this, so that no one else is waisting
there effort translating it on rosetta. Or at least a message saying so.

Comment on suggestions: When reviewing translations, it is frustrating
to review and correct translations, and then the next day see the same
user make the same mistakes in his suggestions. If it was possible to
give a comment to what was wrong with a suggestion and they might become
better translators, maybe even reviewers at some point.


19 04 2010 kl. 19:29 +0300, skrev Yaron Shahrabani:
> That's great!
> More ideas you guys
> And I also need to prepare a specification to the developers so
> they'll know exactly what to do
> I'm not subscribed to the launchpad-devs list but I got some names
> that can help us reach this goal
> Thank you all and keep the ideas flowing, Dor also suggested to move
> this discussion to the brainstorm if needed
> Kind regards,
> Yaron Shahrabani
> On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 7:18 PM, Anders Jenbo <anders@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>         Tags as "on CD" and "non-langpack" would also be helpfull.
>         Mvh Anders
>         Den 19/04/2010 kl. 16.05 skrev Yaron Shahrabani
>         <sh.yaron@xxxxxxxxx>:
>                 Hey guys
>                 Dor (dddorda) from the Israeli team suggested a nice
>                 feature for launchpad
>                 Prioritizing translation using tags
>                 Each individual app will be tagged for field (Media,
>                 Graphics, System tools etc.)
>                 Now after setting all the required field for a single
>                 app the translators or programmers (or both) will
>                 decide on the tags priority, after the app is fully
>                 translated the translation will be tagged the same way
>                 the programmer/translators tagged it
>                 When I go and translate another app (which is not
>                 translated yet) I can tag it accordingly, launchpad
>                 will suggest translation to this app according to apps
>                 that has similar tags, this way apps will only get
>                 suggestion from similar apps (in Hebrew its pretty
>                 critical because play in games and playing audio are
>                 totally distinct)
>                 There many more examples but I think you got the point
>                 If you think this idea worth something I'll send it to
>                 the launchpad-translators and the launchpad-dev
>                 mailing lists
>                 Kind regards and thanks for your time,
>                 Yaron Shahrabani
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