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Re: Cantonese (Hong Kong, Traditional Chinese) Translation


Hi Lao,

2010/7/6  <lao@xxxxxx>:
> I have recently translated the po file of launchpad into Cantonese and
> generated the mo file. And I would like to submit it and provide it to all
> users.
> Cantonese is a language (not a dialect, the UN also says that) widely used
> by people from South China, Hong Kong, Macao and some foreign countries. In
> 1984, it is recorded that Cantonese has 56 million speakers. Its ranking of
> the world is the 23rd.
> Please tell me if you guys accept my translation and I will send the po and
> mo file to you.

in order for us to accept your translations, we need to have a
language group where we can store them.
Lookin at Launchpad there seems not to be a team for the Cantonese
language (I think you are referring to the yue ISO code one).

I'm not an expert in eastern languages, but if you have an ISO code
and fonts available for your language, you can set up a new team in
Launchpad to translate Ubuntu.
You can find more instructions here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations


Milo Casagrande <milo@xxxxxxxxxx>

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