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Appointing Lauchpad Uyghur Translator team


Hi Administrators,

I created "Lauchpad Uyghur Translator"(https://launchpad.net/~lp-l10n-ug

). The team is moderated.

Team's mailing list is: lp-l10n-ug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .
Temporaly, We shall use "General Translation Guide(
https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/Guide)" as team's guide line.

About Uyghur:

Language Name: Uyghur (In English), ئۇيغۇر(In Uyghur)
Language ISO Code: ug, uig
Scripit: Arabic based Script
Text Direction: Right To Left
Number: Using 0,1,2,...9, (not use Arabic number).

About GetText Plural Forms:
Uyghur have one plural forms (nplurals=1; plural=0).

Please accept "Lauchpad Uyghur Translator" team.

Gheyret Kenji

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