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Re: New Launchpad rollout: please put translations for upstream projects on hold


On 2011-01-13 17:18, David Planella wrote:

However, as a side effect and due to a migration script not being run in
the Launchpad side we'd like to ask you to wait a bit to do new
translations _for upstream projects in Launchpad_ until we can run this
script again and make sure new translations during this time are not
reverted to suggestions.

It should take about a day to run the script, and after that you can
keep translating as usual. We'll send a new notice when the run has

I just got word that the script has completed, and things should be back to normal. It's safe to translate again!

We're sorry about the inconvenience. We hope you will find that you get a simpler, clearer, and less work-intensive translation application in return.


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