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Re: qshutdown release coming soon (1.6.4)


Al 15/03/12 15:07, En/na Christian Metscher ha escrit:
> I'm very sorry! :'(
> I figured adding msgctxt would be very helpful and added those lines.
> But because of this much translation work seems to be lost. Is there a
> way to restore them?
> Most of the Ukrainian translation have been restored, since I had
> already downloaded it.
> Again, I'm very sorry that this happened.

Hi Christian,

You might be replying to someone who asked you about lost translations,
but I cannot see the post on the list. Could you give us more context
about what the actual problem is?

If translations were done in Launchpad, they were not lost, you can
always export the PO files, and the original translations will be there,
although they might not be visible in the Launchpad web UI if they ended
up becoming fuzzy msgstr's.


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