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Re: qshutdown release coming soon (1.6.4)


Hello Launchpad Translators,

German, Hebrew, English (UK), Ukrainian, Japanese, Asturian and Uyghur translations are finished or almost there. I've checked through them (although I can't read or understand most of them^^) and am very happy to see how well everything works out. In case of Uyghur there is not always a consistent use of the & operator. Sometimes it's for example "(&H)" and sometimes the & operator is used differently. So I removed the one Method with the lesser usage (2 or 3 entries I think). If the other way round would have been better, please feel free to change it. There are also quite some differences in the usage of punctuation marks... I also removed about 2 other entries (I think it was only in the Hebrew translation) with backslashes or \n within the text.

Kind regards and happy translating,
 Christian Metscher

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