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[Bug #975970] Messages reviewed in translator mode if you don't check manually "Someone should review this translation"


Dear Launchpad translators,

there is Lauchpad bug request #975970 in which causes a translation problem
when someone turns in "Translator mode".
I think that we must pay attention in this bug because affect all the
Lauchpad translators.

Summary of bug #975970 <https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/975970>:
By default the check box "Someone should review this translation" is
checked automatically when someone turns in "Translator mode", but it seems
that it doesn't happened the same if the translator copy/paste a word or a
phrase in the text box before typing. The check box "Someone should review
this translation" is remaining unchecked unless you checked manually.

This a problem because if someone don't know this bug and wants to make a
suggestion, then maybe the translator will translate a wrong message
without know it, thinking that the translator made a suggestion.

Let's give "heat" to this bug
You can accept that "this bus affect you, add a comment and subscribe the

Also inform your local translator teams, this bug affects all of us.


George Christofis (geochr <https://launchpad.net/%7Egeochr>)
Member of Ubuntu Greek Translators team