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Re: Added possibility to translate the online help of qpdfview


п'ятниця, 13-вер-2013 21:16:11 ви написали:

> Hello Launchpad translators,
> Thank you for your continued effort to keep qpdfview's translation
> current and complete!
> Beginning with the current development cycle, we add the possibility
> to translate qpdfview's online help which is a single self-contained
> HTML file with a size of about 20 kB.
> Our translation template does now contain the string "help.html" which
> should be replaced by the name of the localized online help if (and
> only if) one is available, e.g. by "help_fr.html" if we are able to
> ship a "help_fr.html" containing a French version of the online help.
> It isn't as easy to use and collaborative as Launchpad's translation
> system as localized versions will have to be send to us directly or
> using merge requests through Launchpad. Also, the whole file needs to
> be translated instead of some small texts.
> Hence we are still very much open to suggestions for a better way to
> handle this, but if anyone is interested in writing a localized online
> help as plain HTML, please let me know. Thank you for your help!
> Best regards, Adam.
> P.S.: Sorry, if this is a duplicate. Wrong source address in the first
> go...


Is it possible to use conventional Gettext format for the help file 
translations (the corresponding conversion scripts attached)?

Can you also fix a typo in help.html:186 ("Determins" should be 

Thanks in advance for your work.

Best regards,

[1] src:/help.html:186

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