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Re: The next bricks of OpenFoodFacts, the wikipedia of food are up for translation.


 Thank you so much to the Hebrew, British English, German,
Czech, Azerbaijani, Asturian and Uzbek translators for getting their
language started.

We're launching today, as part of the Open Data Day, "What's in my Yogurt
?" to promote international contributions and we need as many translations
on Launchpad as possible to make it a success (
We also have an announcement to translate (on a OKFN pad):

Thanks to all for helping us set food free :-)


On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 11:36 AM, Pierre Slamich

> Hi all,
> First, thanks a lot for the tremendous response for the translation of the
> Android app. This has shaken quite a lot the team, and as a result, we've
> launched a complete list of version for all your countries and languages (You
> can have a look at www. <http://goog_745241098>openfoodfacts.org for a
> full list).
> We're going to be using Launchpad to translate the web interface and the
> food taxonomies as well.
> As a reminder, OpenFoodFacts is a crowdsourcing projet aiming to create a
> free (as in beer ^^) global database of food (and beer ^^) products, with
> ingredients, additives and nutrition info.
> https://translations.launchpad.net/openfoodfacts/trunk/+pots/openfoodfacts-web/ (420
> strings, Please don't translate in French, Hebrew, Spanish)
> https://translations.launchpad.net/openfoodfacts/trunk/+pots/openfoodfacts-label-taxonomy (191
> strings, Please don't translate in French and Spanish)
> https://translations.launchpad.net/openfoodfacts/trunk/+pots/openfoodfacts-taxonomy (2060
> strings, Source language is French, so we need French speakers to translate
> it in English first)
> I'd be grateful if you could help us translate the website and service in
> as many languages as possible.
> We're also looking for both technical and non-technical contributors, in
> as many countries as possible. It goes from translating, to contributing
> local food products using your mobile phone, to helping us with development.
> cheers,
> Pierre

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