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Re: Forbidden : Not allowed here


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Chris Coulson wrote on 20/01/09 14:28:
> 2009/1/20 Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:mpt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>>
>> Chris Coulson wrote on 20/01/09 13:32:
>>> Sorry for the bug spam. I just had a look at Shirish's bug report, and
>>> it was indeed the retracer that marked it as a duplicate of the
>>> private bug report, so this was not the fault of any triager.
>> In that case, I suggest fixing the retracer so it marks the duplicate in
>> the other direction.
> The only problem with that though is that all Apport crash reports are
> private when submitted, so marking it as a duplicate in the other
> direction will not work if they are both still private.

Whoops, sorry. I was under the impression that the retracer marked a
public bug report was marked as a duplicate of a private one. But as far
as I can tell from the incomplete activity log, both were indeed private
at the time.

Dylan McCall wrote on 20/01/09 16:03:
> Another issue I see here is just the use of language. The wording (as
> shirish says) sounds really unwelcoming. Instead, the page should give
> the user an explanation of why he cannot see the full details for the
> bug, and who can. It should have enough information to prevent this
> type of confusion and (ideally) make people feel happy about how
> Launchpad acts to protect users' privacy  :) 

We can tell them that it's a bug report, but any going further than that
would risk unwanted disclosure. <http://launchpad.net/bugs/179587>

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