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Re: Website hosting for open source projects on Launchpad?


"Michael B. Trausch" <mike@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> On Tue, 27 Jan 2009 18:13:22 -0500
> Karl Fogel <karl.fogel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> As you might imagine, this has been discussed (a lot) by the Launchpad
>> developers.  I suspect the reason it hasn't happened yet is just the
>> design complications -- how to offer semi-arbitrary web-editing while
>> at the same time preserving a consistent look-and-feel in Launchpad,
>> and making sure that Launchpad's features stay accessible from each
>> project. This doesn't mean it's impossible, just hard.
> I'd think that people would rather not like that.  The idea behind
> webspace would be to have completely arbitrary sites.

Thanks, that's useful to know.

I should emphasize the "I suspect" in my mail: I was speculating, not
stating feature goals.  It may well be that when this gets done, it does
indeed allow totally arbitrary pages.  I just don't know.

> LP could even expose some sort of API that could be used to quickly and
> easily embed information about the Launchpad project on the site,
> though I think it'd be too much to require that it be used.

Now, I *am* pretty confident in stating that there would be APIs :-).
In fact, there already are: https://help.launchpad.net/API/ (those are
Python APIs, but I have to believe that if we offer arbitrary web pages,
we're going to offer a way to embed Launchpad functionality in them --
that's the whole point, after all).


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