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Re: Ohloh Like?


On Sun, 2009-02-08 at 15:44 +0100, Sense Hofstede wrote:

> It would be great if Ohcount would support Bazaar. I once suggested to
> let the Launchpad developers add the support and integrate it with
> Launchpad, but that idea didn't get many votes.
> But having support at Ohloh would be great to.
> Would it be worth the trouble to let some Bazaar/Launchpad developers
> add the suppor? It would make Bazaar more well-known and add another
> reason to use it.

Very good reasons indeed.  It seems as though it would not be difficult
to integrate the bzr records into the Ohcount API.  If the two projects
could work together it should be doable in a matter of weeks.

 did find a site called CIA that someone has written a BOT for in order
to send sendmail emails to it.  http://cia.vc/clients/baz/cia_baz.sh I
haven't tried it and want have time to do so for awhile.


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