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Re: syncing translations across series(es)


Am 02.04.2009 19:25, Mike Rooney schrieb:
> Excellent, that is great to hear! For now though, as I'd like to get a
> release out and have new translations in the new series, but need the
> updated translations, what shall I do? Last time I think what I did was
> take the po files from the 0.4 series, but since you can't upload
> translations without a template for some reason, I had to shove in the
> same template that already was in 0.5, and then upload that whole
> archive to 0.5. Is that still the best way to do this? Last time that
> import took a week and I'd like to avoid losing a week in the release
> cycle before people can translate, but maybe there is no other option.
> Thanks for any advice!

Yes, you will have to download and upload again. If you use the upload
form for the template, it should not be necessary to upload the template
again with them as they are matched directly to the template.

Unfortunately, due to this bug
https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/353981 you will not be able
to use the tar file that you download directly. Insteada you will have
to rename the PO files first from something like wxbanker-de.po to
de.po. Put them all in a po dir like your template was and make a
tarball from that. Like this:
Upload that tarball at the address above and it should work out fine.
The reason for the long delay may have been that the po files were not
named like that or that you uploaded to the release series instead of
the template. Either case will require manual approval of the files and
that can take a while, depending on our workload. Sorry about that.

When you are done uploading give me a whistle and I'll watch that your
files are approved. I shouldn't have to do that manually if you do as I
suggested above.


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