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Re: bzr checkout lp?


On Tuesday 07 April 2009 2:10:02 pm Mike Rooney wrote: 
> Have you tried to do this on a fresh Windows install, and then get bazaar to
> recognize it? I gave up after about 20 minutes, and really all I wanted to
> do was checkout publicly available code. It may be quite simple for
> intermediate-advanced users in the linux world, but I challenge your
> assertion in the general case :)

I'm always surprised when I hear of Windows users using bzr and Launchpad 
because in my mind they're so tied to Ubuntu.  I'd be surprised if I'm the 
only one.  On Ubuntu, we can all just hand around little commands to copy & 
paste, but I know Windows' shell is more limited.  Maybe that means Windows 
needs more documentation, probably with screenshots and things since it forces 
GUI usage.

Where did you hit trouble?  Was it in generating SSH keys, SSH config, or bzr 
config?  I don't really know how to use Windows, but someone here might.

> While I definitely appreciate your acknowledgement of the issue, overall I
> think this can really be a bigger obstruction than people familiar with the
> internals of bzr (and as such the workarounds) realize.

I wonder if it's a problem of the same size on all OSes.

Mackenzie Morgan
apt-get moo

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