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Re: bzr checkout lp?


On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 5:40 PM, Andrew Bennetts <
andrew.bennetts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Strange, removing launchpad_username from my .bazaar.conf was all I needed
> to do make lp: URLs use HTTP.  I suppose you could try clearing out the
> Launchpad parts of ~/.bazaar/authentication.conf (or whereever it is on
> Windows) as well.  Which version of bzr?

I think I may have been doing it incorrectly. Once I realized what was
happening, my intuitions to clear this information was to do: 'bzr
launchpad-login ""' and 'bzr whoami ""' to clear everything. I think one of
those calls may have failed (the first one?) and I couldn't figure out where
the configuration file was stored on Windows to nuke it.

As for the version, it was either 1.9 on py2.4 or 1.12 on py2.5 as I have
both installed (I was doing some python 2.4 testing before I had python 2.5
installed). But perhaps my above method of clearing those settings was the
culprit. Although, I really think I only set launchpad-login and whoami
after the checkout failed the first time. But I could be wrong. Either way
my specific case isn't a problem any more, I am just trying to point out how
an end-user might think and what assumptions they might make that
bzr/launchpad could attempt to work with.

Michael Rooney

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