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Changing the URL of milestones


I am considering changing the URL of milestones to allow users to locate
an track releases *before* the are created. I am concern that doing this
will break some scripts that use the beta webservice.

I want to change the milestone to have the same URL as the release:

could be
Which is the URL the release will be published at.

You may have noticed that there is a unified milestone and release page.
As the milestone progresses, the page will fill in, culminating in many
cases with a release. It would be nice if you could bookmark the URL of
the milestone and know that it will be the same URL as the release.

I intend to keep the +milestone URL because project-groups do not have
series. This also parallels the +release URL that exists, but we do not
normally make links using it.

Here is the problem. Any script that uses the path to traverse to a
release will get a milestone instead. The release can be retrieved via

I could change the navigation rules to return a release if one exists,
then try a milestone, then raises a 404 if both fail. I don't care for
this approach; getting different objects back is surprising.

It can be argued that since the webservice is in beta, changes to the
API are acceptable. I don't always agree, I expect alpha to mean the API
is unstable, beta means additions and refinements.

Will your scripts break if I replace the release with the milestone in
the URL?

__Curtis C. Hovey_________

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