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Re: Changing the URL of milestones


There is something else that would change...

On Wed, 2009-05-13 at 23:16 -0400, Curtis Hovey wrote:
> I am considering changing the URL of milestones to allow users to locate
> an track releases *before* the are created. I am concern that doing this
> will break some scripts that use the beta webservice.
> I want to change the milestone to have the same URL as the release:
>     <project/+milestone/<milestone>
> becomes
>     <project>/<series>/<milestone>
> Example:
>     https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+milestone/1.15rc1
> could be
>     https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/1.15/1.15rc1
> Which is the URL the release will be published at.


The milestone would supplant the distroseries architecture:
would become

would be

Again I think putting milestone under the series is best because it is
consistent for all kinds of series.

[One beer later]

The architecture problems is a little different from the release
problem. There is only a finite number of architectures, and a small
number of distro series. I can easily make architecture and milestone
co-exist because the names are unlikely to ever collide. I can add a
guard that will prevent any distro series milestone from having a name
that is the same as an architecture.

Still, I think this leads to a surprise in the API, because you may
expect a milestone, but get an architecture. Though I cannot think hoe a
script could get architecture name and think it has a milestone name.

So maybe it is okay to not change the distro series architecture URL.

> Will your scripts break if I replace the release with the milestone in
> the URL?

__Curtis C. Hovey_________

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