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Launchpad Translations: re-enabling "global" suggestions on edge


Hi guys,

For the next few days at least, I'll be re-enabling global suggestions
on edge.  As a reminder, global suggestions are translations you see
among suggestions for a message, but from different software packages in
Launchpad (you can recognize them by "Used in" and "Suggested in"
markers below the translation itself).

This is very important part of Launchpad, but we've been disabling them
from time to time through last few months when we were worried about
performance.  The last time we disabled them was in late April (with our
2.2.4 release), when we rolled out big part of our message sharing code
(more on that later, once we polish it further :).

I want to get a few days of testing on edge, so we can decide whether we
can re-enable them with our 2.2.5 release coming later in May.  Note
that they can't cause saving problems you experienced with the previous
timeout problem on edge, so while you might see slower loading pages,
you should get more useful suggestions and will help us in making sure
this feature works correctly for everybody so we can re-enable it

We will be closely monitoring timeouts to see how is it affecting
translators, and if it's a big problem, we'll shut them down until we
are certain they work well.  Thanks for your patience and help in making
Launchpad Translations rock.


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