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Launchpad open-sourcing date.


On https://dev.launchpad.net/OpenSourcing, I recently changed the date
for when the Launchpad.net code is being open-sourced: it now says just
"July / August 2009", instead of "21 July 2009".

The reason we made the date flexible is that when we release the code,
we're going to host it on Launchpad.net using Bazaar's "brisbane-core"
development format, and we want to test it pretty thoroughly first.

Brisbane-core is available as a development format in Bazaar 1.16, and
will be the default format for Bazaar 2.0.  For a good overview of what
it's about, see http://jam-bazaar.blogspot.com/2009/03/brisbane-core.html.
Basically, it's both faster (including in history operations) and more
space-efficient than previous formats.  As the Launchpad source is large
both in space and time, we want to host it on brisbane-core.

Since the point of testing is that you don't know what the results will
be, we're just saying "July / August" for a release date for now.  After
more testing, we'll be able to announce a date.  But our main concern is
that users have a good experience the first time they pull the code from
Launchpad.net -- that's more important than the exact date, IMHO.

-Karl Fogel