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Re: Status of NUnit Move to Launchpad - Help Wanted


On Sat, 4 Jul 2009 17:40:17 -0700, "Charlie Poole" <charlie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I wanted to break from Sourceforge with NUnit for two main
> reasons. First, I was unhappy with how SF was working in
> a number of areas and with the facilities provided. Second,
> I felt that NUnit needed a fresh start. I won't go into
> the details here, but I've blogged about the reasons.
> What attracted me to Launchpad was first and foremost the
> vision of a site where anyone could easily make contributions
> to any project. The details were still lacking but it seemed
> like the right direction to go, especially for a project
> that was in serious need of new blood. I also wanted to use
> a distributed source control system. Aside from the known
> advantages for collaboration, I often work disconnected and 
> have had to set up secondary systems on my laptop to back
> up and restore uncommited work in process.
> Another aspect that appealed to me was the relation to 
> Ubuntu and the ability to have a PPA for NUnit. Our tool
> works with Windows or Mono, but the pipeline from a release
> to a deb-src or deb package is pretty long and slow. I'd
> like to see us take it a bit further downstream as we come
> out with each release so the final packaging happens faster.

This workflow is the best thing about Launchpad.  I don't see any other code
hosting sites doing the end to end project management.  Launchpad doesn't have
it all yet, but it's the goal.

> It would be cool to get some help and advice on various
> aspects of keeping this new project moving along. Ideally,
> someone who is quite familiar with Launchpad and Bazaar 
> could join one of our teams. Lacking that, having one
> or more people who can answer "how do you do that" types
> of questions would be great.

Do you have a mailing list I could join?  I've written a few blog posts on
getting Launchpad and Bazaar to work well on a system that can be found here:


Also, I'm doing a session for Ubuntu Developer Week on advanced Launchpad and
Bazaar topics.  I plan on covering tools that make code hosting on Launchpad
even easier.

Paul Hummer

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