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Re: Status of NUnit Move to Launchpad - Help Wanted


Hi Paul, 

Thanks for responding to my note.

> Do you have a mailing list I could join?  I've written a few 
> blog posts on getting Launchpad and Bazaar to work well on a 
> system that can be found here:
>   http://theironlion.net/tag/launchpad/

In fact, I've read some of your posts and found them helpful.

The nunit-dev team mail list is where I figured on discussing
such things, because it gets in the way of user-oriented
discussions on our nunit-discuss (google) group. It would be
great if you joined us there. It's basically the team of 
everyone who helps with NUnit in any way. Its at

> Also, I'm doing a session for Ubuntu Developer Week on 
> advanced Launchpad and Bazaar topics.  I plan on covering 
> tools that make code hosting on Launchpad even easier.

That's not till the fall, right?

> --
> Paul Hummer
> http://theironlion.net