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The beta team and real names


For a while now, we've required that Launchpad beta team members use
their real names. As of today, you can join the beta team whether or
not you use your real name as your Launchpad display name.

Instead, we'd like to encourage you to use your real name but it's up to you.

Although most people joining the beta team have been happy to use
their real name, you'll probably have seen discussions on this list
where people have given good reasons for not wanting to use their real
names. The last thing we want to do is discourage you from helping us
beta test new features!

I'd like to explain, though, why we prefer people to use real names.
We really value the feedback you give us when you beta test a new
feature. One reason for preferring real names is that we feel a real
name shows a greater readiness to take the beta team seriously.
However, we know that this doesn't hold for everyone: for example,
many people have a strong reputation built around a pseudonym.

So, if you've held off joining the beta team because you didn't want
to use your real name, please go ahead and join!

Matthew Revell - Launchpad and Bazaar rock!
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