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Re: [Launchpad-users] Is translation of Launchpad itself planned?

În data de Du, 06-12-2009 la 02:22 +0100, Torsten Bronger a scris:
> Hallöchen!
> In order to lower the barrier to translate projects, it would be
> helpful if Rosetta itself uses the user's preferred language.  So, is
> enabling of translations of Launchpad itself on the todo list?  Is
> there a related bug report that one could subscribe to?

Why do you mean by planned ? Like Canonical to pay for implementing that
feature in Launchpad?
There are some bug requests and they were accepted. Everyone is invited
to contribute.

>From my point of view, in order to translate free software you will need
to know English. Most of the apps are originally written in English.

Of course, you can also Rosetta for proofreading but I still recommend
knowledge of English to check the translation has the same meaning.
In the Romanian translation team we have a member that is not doing
translations, but rather proofreading but since the Rosetta interface is
so simple, he did not had any problems in using Launchpad Translations.

Rather than having Rosetta translated (which is not trivial) I encourage
writing a help document / tutorial on using Rosetta in the required

Some useful links:

You can make that guide visible by following this guide. Maybe we can
present that banner in the user native language.

There is also a dedicated group/mailing list for discussing translations
in Launchpad

Kindest regards,

Adi Roiban

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