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Re: [Launchpad-users] Suggestion for large scale bug report management

I've appreciated the option to just tick "this bug affects me" when I
find a bug report that describes the problem I am experiencing and I
don't have anything significant to add except "me too" to help show
the relative extent of the affect and that I can also reproduce it.

I think the machine learning approach to de-duplication sounds very
intriguing.  Maybe the algorithm could send a report to the designated
bug triage team listing all the matches above a certain confidence
threshold for their consideration.  Getting a hint at which bugs are
likely duplicates could save time for the triage team as well as the
developers:  either the duplication is real and a bug is closed
quickly by marking it so, or developer resources of sufficient
understanding are concentrated on the thorniest issues.  I think the
supervised learning is important to help it adapt to different subject
areas--X, kernel, sound, filesystem, E-mail client, etc.--although
there may be some predictors that cross the boundaries.

The idea of "Bug Q&A" sounds very promising, from the standpoint of a
bug reporter I like the idea of knowing what questions to answer for
the triage team and developers, from the standpoint of triage it would
be nice to be able to search for all the "New" bug reports that
include the needed information in particular standard fields, from the
standpoint of the developer it would be nice to have a set of standard
fields to look at for the basic information rather than reading
through a sometimes very long discussion in the bug report.

So +1 for the current features supporting crowd-sourcing, +1 for an
automated de-duplication probable match report, and +1 for the "Bug


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