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Re: [Launchpad-users] Are team polls worth keeping?

On 2010-11-15 15:08:10 -0500, Curtis Hovey wrote:
> We have choices:
>      1. Remove the feature because we believe it is not valuable, or
>         will never be a convenient or as good are other poll services
>         like Survey Monkey. (about 1 week of work)
>      2. Fix the UI for registering a poll and voting because we believe
>         simple polls are valuable to teams (a few weeks of work)
>      3. Fix the UI for registering a poll and voting and add support for
>         secrecy and condorcet voting because we believe that this is a
>         compelling feature (a month or more of work)

I remember that some Ubuntu boards (TB, CC) used the poll feature a few
years ago but recent votes were done with CIVS.

I've done a vote for the DMB a few weeks ago and was suggested to use
CIVS instead of LP for it. The downside to use CIVS was that I first
needed to get a list of all voters from LP (over the LP API) and that
people without a public e-mail address were not directly able to vote.

Having something like CIVS inside LP would be a nice feature but I don't
believe it's worth the resources given the few votings I participated in
(don't know if other teams have a higher demand for voting). So it's
probably better to disable/remove this feature and use the resource for
something more important.


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