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Re: [Launchpad-users] How to make a team leave a team?

On Wed, 2011-02-16 at 21:05 +0530, Jo StÃrset wrote:
> Actually, I did try this. But again I stumbled on openid, some bug
> making login fail (bug [2] I believe).
> I even tried sending a mail to the other team admin, but no luck. So I
> guess we're stuck with the spam until there is progress on the ui 
> or I have some spare time to workaround the problems with
> launchpadlib :) 

> [1]
> [2]

w3m certainly works in maverick. You can run this script from any
computer with python and launchpadlib. You can visit the "Authorized
applications" link you your profile page to deactivate the script if you
use someone else's computer.

__Curtis C. Hovey_________

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