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Hi Arand,

On 22 March 2011 09:52, Arand Nash <ienorand@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello, I recently had to shut down my PPA due to licensing issues (my
> attmepts to comply with upstream license in particularities ended up not
> complying with the LP PPA Terms of Use), I have since discussed with
> upstream and have agreed on redistribution terms which should be more
> compatible with the ToU.
> In effect, as a whole, this game is freeware, and I will likewise distribute
> my packaging work as freeware, no modification allowed.

Thanks for making efforts to fit in with PPA terms of use. As I
recall, the problem previously was that the developer had insisted you
be the only person who could redistribute the game.

If the game is now freely distributable, then it is okay by the PPA
terms of use.

The terms say this:

  "any content you upload to PPAs must be freely redistributable by Canonical,
   and released under a license permitting redistribution free of charge."

> Will this be sufficient to comply with the PPA ToU?

Yes, I believe that fits the requirements of the PPA terms of use.
It'd be good to post a statement from the developer, or something
similar, in the PPA description. I think you did something similar


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