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Hey Arand,

I'm not a Launchpad developer, only a user. But I can clear this up for

On Tue, 2011-03-22 at 09:52 +0000, Arand Nash wrote:
> In effect, as a whole, this game is freeware, and I will likewise 
> distribute my packaging work as freeware, no modification allowed.

Launchpad supports the distribution of Free and Open Source Software,
this is software with licenses which have the four freedoms:
Redistribution, Code Visibility, Modification and Education. These
freedoms have a positive effect and we'd like as much software to
consider adopting these kinds of terms.

> Will this be sufficient to comply with the PPA ToU?
> Would more steps be required?

No, you're license doesn't appear at first glance to be compatible with
the free launchpad previsions. BUT I believe launchpad does allow you to
pay for the service if your software isn't Open Source. You could get in
touch with them if you would like to sort that out.

> I am sending this here since I am anxious to resume packaging of this 
> game, provided it is possible, and if not, would like clarification as
> to why, and how to proceed. 

I think the best way is to consider either going to Canonical as a
partner (if you're a company and you want to make money from your game)
and getting your packages directly into the Canonical partner
repository. Much like World of Goo. Or if you're not a for-profit
company, then consider going open source and talk to a lawyer about what
that really means for your game.

I hope this helps, I am not a lawyer.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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