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Hello, I recently had to shut down my PPA due to licensing issues (my attmepts to comply with upstream license in particularities ended up not complying with the LP PPA Terms of Use), I have since discussed with upstream and have agreed on redistribution terms which should be more compatible with the ToU.

In effect, as a whole, this game is freeware, and I will likewise distribute my packaging work as freeware, no modification allowed.

Will this be sufficient to comply with the PPA ToU?
Would more steps be required?

I am sending this here since I am anxious to resume packaging of this game, provided it is possible, and if not, would like clarification as to why, and how to proceed.

- arand

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Subject: Re:
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 13:53:44 +0000
From: Arand Nash <ienorand@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Matthew Revell <matthew.revell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have contacted the main developer and been granted permission to
redistribute the items which are uploaded and built in the PPA under
the same terms as that of the original Red Eclipse distribution, in
essence this clause:
    Limited rights are granted to redistribute or recompress the
entire distribution using different archival formats suitable for your OS (zip/tgz/deb/dmg), any changes beyond that require explicit permission from the developers.

Will this be sufficient to fulfill the PPA ToU?

- arand

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 11:50 AM, Arand Nash <ienorand@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok, items are marked for deletion, and the PPA has been disabled for now.

If permission was granted by the developers for everyone to
redistribute the packages (binary & source) available from my PPA ,
_unmodified_, would that be sufficient to meet the required terms of

The license is very similar to that of sauerbraten-data or warsow-data
(both available in ubuntu restricted) so I am assuming that with a bit
of negotiation (since some matters do need clarification, obviously)
this should be possible to redistribute as per the PPA terms of use...

- arand

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 10:03 AM, Matthew Revell
<matthew.revell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Unfortunately, I have to ask you to remove the packages from your
redeclipse PPA (

I appreciate that the developer has given you permission to distribute
the software in a PPA but, unless the binary and source are freely
distributable, this goes against our licensing terms for PPAs.

You can find the terms here:

 I'll check the PPA again tomorrow and if it's not gone I'll have to
ask one of our admins to remove it.

Thanks for your understanding.

Matthew Revell -- -- cross-project collaboration and hosting

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