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How to search bugs in launchpadlib?


Sorry for the seemingly dumb question.

I need to write a report of all bugs facing one customer. Before I can
educate them about the benefits of working with a open company and the
ability of looking at the primary source (launchpad bugs) I need to
provide spreadsheet reports.

Easy I thought. First idea, use the npm lib inside google sheets custom
functions. But the npm lib seems to only exist in theory. And npm libs
in spreadsheets via browserify seemed like a pretty hellish idea anyway.

Second idea. Use python and launchpadlib.

Some top level objects have find or getBy methods. Bugs doesn't.

How do I query launchpadlib for a list of bugs containing a certain tag?
The equivalent non-API URL would be

Once I have a collection of those bugs, the next steps seem quite trivial.

Cheers and thanks for your help
 Tilman Baumann

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