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Re: how to solve a rejected upload to my PPA?


It worked, and now I feel less like a newbie.
This episode caused more fear than harm,
and I'll do my best to learn the tools and the best practices.


Le 2020-11-29 à 11 h 34, Colin Watson a écrit :
On Sun, Nov 29, 2020 at 11:16:52AM -0500, Marc Lavallée wrote:
Hi Colin and thanks a lot for your help.

I managed to build my backport by using the .orig from Ubuntu, but I
suspected that I made a mistake so I deleted my package (for no good
reason). I realized that it was not a mistake, then all my attempts to
re-upload the package failed...

I see that backport is still available here:

How to reactivate it, to publish it again??

You can resurrect a deleted build by using the "Copy packages" page on
your PPA
searching for the superseded upload in question, selecting the PPA
itself as the destination PPA and the same series as the destination
series, selecting "Copy existing binaries", and copying.