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Re: Cadence of deletion of packages


On 2021-07-11 11:36, Colin Watson wrote:

"Deleted" just means that it's deleted from the published archive on
disk, as seen by apt.  Most of the associated files (except small ones
like build logs) are then garbage-collected from Launchpad after a week
or so, which has happened in this case.

"Deleted" does not mean "expunged from history".  Nothing is pending
here; the deletion is merely still recorded in the PPA's history, which
is intentional.

  While I believe what you say, it seems
some change files gets preserved, for example,
the change that made me write:

ofono - 1.17.bzr6912+16.04.20160314.3-1ubports0 (changes file) 2021-07-03 Deleted

  failed its purpose under testing, then
I changed the patch, I asked the removal of
the deb, and I never could re-upload it since
there was a change file with different content.
The only way to get to it was bumping the
revision, even when there was not 2 changes.


  José Pekkarinen.

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