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Using gstreamer?


Hi all,

IMHO the Lightspark project should concentrate on making a complete
and high-quality AVM2/Flash API implementation
and not spend resources on tangential problems.
Even if some of its requirements for media playback are different from
what a simple video player has,  I think
using gstreamer/clutter+other tried and tested libraries instead of
ffmpeg+homegrown GL rendering
would buy in the long run a few advantages:
- less code to maintain, and less of it platform specific
- gains from whenever those libs evolve and implement hw accelerated
video playback
- support various fringe architectures, where it is more likely to
have a gstreamer plugin than something that can be piggybacked on the
existing ffmpeg code
- runtime selection between GL/GLES
- easier contributions in the rendering/playback parts of code from
those with experience in the GNOME stack

It is likely not an easy task but I feel it may be worth doing.
Any drawbacks - besides the effort needed - that I am missing?


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