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Lightspark released


Hi everyone,

I've just released version Sorry for the ".1" point release, I
tagged 0.6.0 and then realized that there were some issue that needed

>From the ChangeLog:

        * Enable RTMP support by default, requires librtmp
        * Fixed support for IEventDispatcher implementation pattern
        * Improved serialization robustness
        * Improved matrix handling
        * Implement string and namespace pooling to reduce memory
        * Proper support for private namespaces
        * Improved support for fonts
        * Support LLVM 3.1
        * Fix full volume issue when PulseAudio flat volumes are enabled
        * Initial support for AIR desktop applications
        * Support for www.bbc.co.uk video player

The usage of AdBlock may be necessary for the BBC site. And it's
generally recommended since more often than not advertisement causes