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Re: Lubuntu Lucid Alpha 3 "Shiny"


Le dimanche 28 février 2010 à 00:50 +0800, PCMan a écrit :
> > 3) tried to edit date/time settings - unlock button does nothing
> Apparantly this is yet another dbus-related problem.
> Using this feature requires both of dbus and policy-kit working.
> You even need a policykit agent. Currently the only choice is polkit-gnome.
> By default polkit-gnome's authentication agent is turned off outside Gnome.
> This needs to be turned on in its desktop file installed ot /etc/xdg/autostart.
> 1. make sure dbus is correctly launched.
> 2. make sure policykit agent is running.
This is not the case in the Alpha3, I don't know why it was working
I'll add it to autostart to fix it.

Julien Lavergne