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Serial mouse not recognized


Newbie here, hope I'm doing this right (appologies if not).
Distro Installed: http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/lubuntu-lucid-alpha3.isoDistro Version: 10.04 alpha 3Installation method (CD, 
USB, PXE boot, etc.): CD
Computer Description
Computer Manufacturer, 
Model Name: Home Built (VIA chipset motherboard)CPU Type 
and Speed: AMD K6-III 400MHzRAM 
installed or specified to the kernel: 160MBHard
 disk type, capacity and partitions set up: Maxtor PATA 30GB no partitions
Video Card: Nvidia TNT2Display: EnvisionNetworking:
 DEC 10mbit EthernetAudio Hardware: Creative SB Live
Installation ProcedureBooted from CD-ROM, selected "Try" option

This is pretty free-form. Please provide both 
objective and subjective results in as much detail as you can. For 
example, if you tried to boot from CD, did the installer start correctly
 or not? If not, did you get an error message? If yes, did it seem slow,
 OK, or fast? Continue your 
report, paying particular attention to point out where things were 
confusing or broken! 
SummaryRS232 Serial mice are common on older hardware that Luntuntu targets and an ability to recognize or configure them during installation or boot up would be great. Perhaps if neither a USB mouse nor a PS/2 mouse are detected, a user dialog can be displayed for automatic or manual configuration of a serial mouse.  If there is a way to automatically configure a serial mouse that would be fantastic, however interference or side effects with other serial devices (printers, etc.) during a scan for a serial mouse would not be desirable.  There are other (non-Ubuntu) Linux distro's that handle serial mice with a user prompt.


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