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a thousand apologies, got some family matters, so have lost the plot a bit
as to where everything is up to. So, if I say where I am up to could some
one tell me what would be of the most help.

1) Currently on my desktop is the alpha3 iso. (yes, I HAVE deleted the
2) I currently use a 2GB memory stick and run with persistance.
3) I also have a 512MB memory stick that is sat doing very little, if that
would be of any use in testing lower specification installation  / test on.
3) I have now set up a partition now set up (10 GB) for an installation,
either via USB install, or I have a CD-RW's that my laptop is quite happy
with as 'Boot' media.

My laptop is a single core Intel Celeron M 440 (1 GB RAM) As I already have
9.10 and 'main' 10.04 Ubuntu, an installation will, unless I am told
otherwise how to do it "see" my 1GB /swap area

I'm still very new to testing, so would need, for example ..

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lernid-devs/lernid-releases
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lernid

Or something similar to add reposotories / updates

I note that lubuntu stuff is hitting the main lucid updates, but last time I
tried it the system wanted to give me ALL the lucid updates, there was a
comment of using --safe,

I will have about 11:00 --> 16:00 GMT (UCT) available to test things out on.
I do have access to a Win XP laptop, but it is only XP Home, so I am not
sure what help that may be for testing things like samba

Sorry to sound like the n00b that I am, list of instructions - what you want
testing and I'll get it done !!!



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