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Some things I've found


Here's some observations I haven't seen addressed,

The "quick search" entry field in Synaptic is always greyed out. I find it
very useful, don't see any reason why we would be intentionally greying it

My wifi is password protected, every time I log on, I have to enter the
password, which is no big deal, but do I just have to install some keyring
program? The obvious ones are already installed, so it's not clear what I
should do.

I understand that pacman2 is still under heavy development, but what's
involved to access an encrypted SD card or flash drive?

For the FAQ/intro videos that have been mentioned today, a discussion of
some of the program alternatives, kind of a cookbook type entry, similar to
what they have for customizing an Acer Aspire One (
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne ),

Thanks so much for all the great work, I hope for Lubuntu to be my primary


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