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artwork updated


Hi again, boys and girls:

I've updated (again and again, don't care, it's my job) the artwork "for
testing purposes only":

      * The GTK theme now is based on last Clearlooks engine, that
        does't use GDK, it's Cairo based, even more spedd than using
        Murrina engine. It was a request from a few users, they told me
        not to use too many engines (Aurora, Murrine, etc) to keep
        Lubuntu simple and fast.
      * The wallpaper is now just a variation from the 10.04 one,
        according (fully agree) with the "classic" Lubuntu style.
      * The Openbox theme has been polished a bit (and GTK theme matches
      * ...more and amazing changes to come! :)

Please, feel free to test and comment / criticize your suggestions.

Thank you all.

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