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Spam Bots and Trolls


Hi Julien,

I know I've written about this before, but as Lubuntu gains more users there
will come a day when the IRC channel is a target of such attacks.

At present there are 3 people with OP status, we really could do with a few
more. Having been chatting to Andrew at the ubuntu-youth area, he is putting
together something for the spam-bots, which I attach. As for dealing with
trolls, http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/What_is_a_troll%3F has a decent
definition of what they are etc.

We may need another bot, called supybot for the spam bots, I would be happy
to liase with Andrew on #ubuntu-youth to see how they are getting along with
it before I'd propose its addition to the #lubuntu channel. I'm also
chatting to the people on #ubuntu-beginners about their methods.

Your and other peoples thoughts would be appreciated.



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