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Re: BUG: 10.10 Beta1: Cannot Change Login Name


On Sat, 18 Sep 2010 09:34:06 -0400
Pierre Yahoo <pierrewinnipeg@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am able to modify the Name of my user account (Users & 
> Groups).  However, that does not change the login name, 
> which is what I and most people would want to do.  If I try 
> to login under the new name, it does not work.  But the old 
> one, even though it has been changed, still works.
> Is there an alternative way to do this?  Can this bug be fixed?
> Thanks.  Great Work!
This isn’t a bug, the name used at login is attached to more than the users home folder so a name change isn’t that simple and is quite possibly a security problems as well.
I believe the only work round is to create a new user and copy the contents of the old home folder, before deleting the old user.

Steve Cook (Yorvyk)