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Re: Fwd: Added Phill Whiteside


Hi Phill,

Le lundi 20 septembre 2010 à 06:07 +0100, Phill Whiteside a écrit :
> as per an earlier discussion, myself and Zach are going to get the
> wiki area sorted out so that it complies with the 'ubuntu standard',
> but whilst on the very boring subject of documentation, do you and the
> team think it is a good idea to get things planned for 11.04 as per
> this email?

I think it will be a very good improvement to have off line
documentation available directly in Lubuntu. So I'm completely OK for

For the 11.04 goal, do you have any roadmap/checklist to what it's
necessary to do to achieve it ?

For the modification of the wiki, do you have the list of Categories you
are going to move to help.ubuntu.com ?

Finally, some small detail I have in mind :
- be sure the documentation is generated in HTML format (we can't read
docbook format)
- be sure to put a link in translation page on the wiki, so the docs
will be also translated.

Let me know if you need any help from me to achieve this (packages,
uploads, etc ...).

Julien Lavergne

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