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Plan to release pcmanfm 0.9.8 and libfm 0.1.3


It has been quite a long time since pcmanfm 0.9.7 was released and
there has been many bugs.
Recently I fixed the most critical ones and plan to make a new release 0.9.8.
So translators please start updating the strings.
To be honest it's not yet in a string frozen state.
Since I haven't finished all the work, one or two new strings might be
added later.
Existing strings won't be removed or modified if there are no obvious errors.
So it's safe to start the translation now.

Important changes:
1. Fix many critical errors and crashes reported in bug trackers.
2. Rewrite path and URI parsing. This part is tested with unit test
and becomes much more robust. Multiple slashes are now handled
3. gtk-doc support is added. Now it's possible to generated API doc,
but you need gtk-doc when compiling libfm. Configure option
--enable-gtk-doc needs to be used, too to enable this. The generated
doc can be read in devhelp. But documentation is still a work in
progress and it's not useful now.
4. I'm now trying to rewrite drag & drop handling. If I succeed, the
Dnd-related bugs can all be fixed and it's possible to start trying to
make desktop icons movable.
5. Minor UI improvement for popup menus
6. Desktop wallpaper resizes when screen resolution changes.

While other LX* components are being updated, pcmanfm is not dead. The
development is still ongoing and there will be a new release soon.

Cheers :-)