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Re: Lubuntu on Intel and i586


Am 15.10.2010 19:40, schrieb Yorvyk:
> On Fri, 15 Oct 2010 10:51:42 +0200
> Leszek Lesner <leszek.lesner@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> Am 15.10.2010 06:20, schrieb Ben Coleman:
>>> On 10/14/2010 07:24 PM, Benny Hult wrote:
>>>> But it lacks with packages if you compare to Lubuntu.
>>>> Hope we can see you using Lubuntu still in the future, becouse the grass
>>>> ain't greener on the other side of the fence ;)
>>> Well, turns out that my other Lubuntu candidate (A Compaq Armada 7800
>>> running a PII/266) is i686-class despite being slower than the AMD, so
>>> Lubuntu 10.10 should run OK on it, if I can manage to burn a Lubuntu
>>> CD-R that it will read (the CDROM reader on this machine tends to be a
>>> bit finicky, and it's old enough that I don't think that it will boot
>>> from USB Flash).
>> There is a trick to it. You must create a Live-CD and a Live USB Stick.
>> Pop in the CD and try booting from the cd until you see the bootmenu.
>> Stick in the USB Live Stick.
>> Now you need to act fast. Press Enter to boot. Wait until the message
>> Loading xyz ... displays on your screen. Now pop out the cd-rom and it
>> will then boot from usb key.
>> It's a nice trick to get any computer with cdrom drive boot from usb.
> Try as I might I cannot get that to work
Doesn't it detect the usb stick or does it fail even to go into init ?

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