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Re: cmov


> >> Is there any chance that we keep supporting these old machines?
> Taking  the kernel package and add support for i586 and put
> > it in the ppa would be much more appropiate.
> > Or perhaps Canonical agrees to build special i586 enabled kernels that
> > lubuntu can use.

If you ask me, the better a simpler way to do it, it's the second one,
saying "there are a lot of users you're loosing" or something like that. In
my expirience people who tries *buntu is to 'raise from the dead' machines
above PII...
But, in the meanwhile add support for i586 and create the own ppa for this
it would be nice... i'm sure a lot of people would join the team to do this.

I'm sure that in the end Lubuntu will be the last (and best) chance for
those old but still-working-well machines to keep living :)


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