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Summary of the UDS



As promised, the summary of the UDS regarding Lubuntu development :

== Nothing for the official endorsement for Lubuntu ==
I had some discussions about this, but nothing happened during this UDS.
There is still some work on-going, but nothing really new.

== Unity by default on Ubuntu ==
The big move on Unity + Compiz should not have impact on us. Maybe we
will have more users because they don't like the GUI :) 

== Migration for GNOME3 ==
Ubuntu will prepare the migration for GNOME3. They will try to build
programs with GTK3, removing gconf and deprecated library. It's
important for us, because we use GTK, Glib and some GNOME components. 

We need to decide if we move to GTK3 (need porting and testing) or stay
with GTK2 (but mix GTK2 and GTK3). It'll probably be possible for a
lubuntu-core session (I already created patches for some LXDE packages),
maybe a LXDE session. But I doubt the full Lubuntu session will be
GTK2-free :(

GSettings (indirectly)
There is also a migration for Gsettings, to remove gconf. There is also
less impact on us, but it could be needed if we want to get ride of

Cleaning old GNOME libraries
Like Ubuntu, we can start to remove some deprecated libraries :
 * python-gnome2 + libgnomeui : removed
 * libgnome2 + libbonobo : need only to be removed from
 * libgconf + gconf : many depends (see GSettings)
 * libglade : many depends too.

== Netbook session ==
The neetbook session didn't have many improvements during the 10.10
cycle. When I see the development of the Ubuntu Netbook edition, I think
we can do the same. I mean, we can try some experimentations in this
session, to have feedbacks with less fear to break the interface. If
it's good, we can add them to the main session.

== LightDM ==
I had a session on LightDM, the (probably) futur replacement of GDM in
Ubuntu. It's seems pretty nice, and considering the problems we have
with LXDM, it's something we will discuss :)

== Artwork Team ==
There will be some activities with the Artwork Team, we may have some
additionnal submissions for the artwork. The good thing : they
considered us like any official derivated :)

== Using askubuntu.com with tag lubuntu ==
There is a new site for helping people named http://askubuntu.com/ . I
think it could be a good addition to the documentation and the help on
forums / IRC. If you do so, please use the tag lubuntu

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Julien Lavergne

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