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Re: Summary of the UDS


On Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 4:42 AM, Julien Lavergne <gilir@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> As promised, the summary of the UDS regarding Lubuntu development :
> == Nothing for the official endorsement for Lubuntu ==
> I had some discussions about this, but nothing happened during this UDS.
> There is still some work on-going, but nothing really new.
> == Unity by default on Ubuntu ==
> The big move on Unity + Compiz should not have impact on us. Maybe we
> will have more users because they don't like the GUI :)
> == Migration for GNOME3 ==
> Ubuntu will prepare the migration for GNOME3. They will try to build
> programs with GTK3, removing gconf and deprecated library. It's
> important for us, because we use GTK, Glib and some GNOME components.
> GTK3
> We need to decide if we move to GTK3 (need porting and testing) or stay
> with GTK2 (but mix GTK2 and GTK3). It'll probably be possible for a
> lubuntu-core session (I already created patches for some LXDE packages),
> maybe a LXDE session. But I doubt the full Lubuntu session will be
> GTK2-free :(

We can write some compatibility macros to ease the migration.
For example, gtk+ 3 prohibit directly accessing data members of GTK+
data structures.
However, this is used frequently in gtk+ 2. We can write wrapper
macros to make gtk+ code compiles under gtk+ 2.

> GSettings (indirectly)
> There is also a migration for Gsettings, to remove gconf. There is also
> less impact on us, but it could be needed if we want to get ride of
> gconf.
This gets rid of gconf, but introduces dconf instead.
So anyway we need some *conf thing from gnome, but now it's partially
bound to glib.
> Cleaning old GNOME libraries
> Like Ubuntu, we can start to remove some deprecated libraries :
>  * python-gnome2 + libgnomeui : removed
>  * libgnome2 + libbonobo : need only to be removed from
> gnome-power-manager
>  * libgconf + gconf : many depends (see GSettings)
>  * libglade : many depends too.
> == Netbook session ==
> The neetbook session didn't have many improvements during the 10.10
> cycle. When I see the development of the Ubuntu Netbook edition, I think
> we can do the same. I mean, we can try some experimentations in this
> session, to have feedbacks with less fear to break the interface. If
> it's good, we can add them to the main session.
> == LightDM ==
> I had a session on LightDM, the (probably) futur replacement of GDM in
> Ubuntu. It's seems pretty nice, and considering the problems we have
> with LXDM, it's something we will discuss :)

I have ported the GTK+ greeter used by lxdm to lightDM, and make it
freely themeable.
We can start porting old gdm2 themes to LightDM now.
The theme format I use can be edited with Glade-3 in a WYSIWYG way.
No more hand-written xml! :-)

> == Artwork Team ==
> There will be some activities with the Artwork Team, we may have some
> additionnal submissions for the artwork. The good thing : they
> considered us like any official derivated :)
> == Using askubuntu.com with tag lubuntu ==
> There is a new site for helping people named http://askubuntu.com/ . I
> think it could be a good addition to the documentation and the help on
> forums / IRC. If you do so, please use the tag lubuntu
> (http://askubuntu.com/tags/lubuntu).
> And if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne
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