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Proposal for Lubuntu Natty schedule


Hi again,

New version, new schedule :) This is a proposal for the Natty cycle,
based on official schedule [1] :

November 25th : End of proposal for applications by default
December 1st : Decision for the modification of default applications
December 2nd : Alpha 1
February 3rd : Alpha 2
February 24th : Feature Freeze (no more new stuff and new version)
March 3rd : Alpha 3
March 17th : End of proposal for artwork
March 22nd : Decision for Artwork
March 31st : Beta 1
April 7th : Documentation / String Freeze
April 14th : Final Freeze (only critical changes)
April 21st : RC (or Beta 2)
April 28th : Final release (or Beta Final)

Please add your comments, so we can start the discussion (flood ? :))
for default applications.

Also, I propose some meetings during the cycle :

November 21th : Project Day
December 1st : Projet Day (+ decision for applications by default) 
December 10th : Bug Day
December 19th : Project Day
January 16h : Project Day
January 20th : Documentation day
February 6th : Project Day
February 20th : Project Day
March 11th : Bug Day
March 22th : Project Day (+ decision for the artwork)
March 31st : Documentation day
April 8rd : Bug Day
April 17th : Project Day

Project Day : general chat, discussion and decision (if needed), work
done since the last Project Day, work items, and planning for the next
Bug Day : Report, triage, fix bugs.
Documentation : Create and fix documentation.

Organisation of those days are still not finished, but I think it's
important to add them in the schedule.
Also, feel free to add your comment on this.

Julien Lavergne

[1] : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule

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