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Re: Applications by default : lightDM instead of LXDM


Le lundi 22 novembre 2010 à 21:15 +0800, PCMan a écrit :
> LightDM more or less works, but it has some glitches and it's hard to
> set up.
Yes, it's not perfect yet. I already have some tests to do, and bugs to
fill (mostly, checking bugs we had with LXDM and see if there are fixed
in lightDM).

> First, its upstart config file is not complete and needs  some fix.
> Please if someone know how to do this, help the author.
Most of the packaging stuff is done, including the upstart script :)

> Second, I never got it work correctly with console Kit and some
> authentication thing.
> Again, if anyone know how to get it work, please help.
Yes I saw it too, I need to report a bug about it.

Julien Lavergne