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Re: Next IRC meeting - Dec 01, 17h GMT


On 12/02/2010 01:56 AM, Yorvyk wrote:
On Wed, 01 Dec 2010 20:00:10 +0100
Julien Lavergne<gilir@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

Logs, and actions are available on

Short term actions :
- Set archiver to file-roller in lubuntu seed and default handler for
archive in lubuntu-default-settings
- Remove cheese from the lubuntu seed
- Call for testing for guvcview on the mailing list
- Set LightDM to the Lubuntu seed when it's available in Natty and
majors bugs are solved
- Add pcmanfm "control-center" to the menu
- Replace aqualung with audacious and audacious-plugins in lubuntu seed
and default applications

See the logs for additional informations.

Sorry I couldn’t be there but, you seem to have managed with out me :P  I’ ve had a quick glance through the logs and a they seem to be reasonable decisions.

When can we expect the first Alpha release?  I upgraded to Natty a little while back but, would like a 'clean' start for testing.

Schedule says:
December 2nd : Alpha 1
February 3rd : Alpha 2
February 24th : Feature Freeze (no more new stuff and new version)
March 3rd : Alpha 3
March 17th : End of proposal for artwork
March 22nd : Decision for Artwork
March 31st : Beta 1
April 7th : Documentation / String Freeze
April 14th : Final Freeze (only critical changes)
April 21st : RC (or Beta 2)*
April 28th : Final release (or Beta Final)*
Taken from  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Developers#Schedule

I'm waiting Julien to inform that the Alpha 1 is ready and the apt-get is singing in here ;)

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